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Childrens Play Tents Indoor

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  • Childrens Play Tents Indoor - 664
Childrens Play Tents Indoor
Model - 664

Product Name: Castle Kids Teepee, Kids Cute Castle Tent, Pop Up Castle Play Tent,Kids Indoor/Outdoor Princess Castle , Pit Ball Pool, Ball House, Plastic Ocean Ball ,Phthalate-Free Play Balls

Children's Tent - Castle Series - CLASSIC
【Kids Play Tent For Children Over Three Years Old】

Here is our Top Pick for Play Tent~
This castle tent (664)design is very simple, but it is the most classic and best-seller in Kids Play Tent.
Because the castle is always full of beautiful situations,
Everyone wants to be a princess and live in a beautiful castle.

In order to meet the beautiful dreams of each child, bring the child into the context of the toy world
We are working hard to develop new products~

Let the children become ~
Little princess. Little prince
Little driver
Basketball master
Football master
【This Kids Play Tent Selling Point】
Children's Situational Toy meet the role-playing needs.

【Kids Play Tent Product Information】

  • Product Name: 664 Children's Cute Castle Tent Play Tent (Ball Pool)
    This play tent has no tunnel
  • Playhouse unfolded size: DIA 102*H130CM (DIA 40.157inches*H51.18inches)
  • Color Box Packaging: 100 7 cm (2.75 inches) plastic ball + 1 Playhouse (with handbag)
    1*40’HQ: 1,889sets
  • Color: Kids Play Tent color as shown, plastic ball color red. Blue. Green. Yellow four colors (different color requirements, can be arranged for you)
  • Material type: Kids Play Tent Material "Polyester ", Ball material “ PE plastic”
  • Recommended age: 3 years old or older (36 months or more)
  • Without Limiting Place: Whatever home, backyard, parks, parties, day care and other
    other kids play tent can be used
  • Toy type: non-electric toy, no battery, no remote control
  • Origin: Taiwan
【Kids Play Tent Advantage】
Taiwan SGS inspection
American Children's Toy Safety Standard ASTM F963-17
European Children's Toy Safety Standard EN71-1.EN71-2.EN71-3.EN71-9
(Mechanical and physical properties. Flammability test. 19 toxic element test)

【Kids Play Tent Features】
Why Choose Our Kids Play Tent?

【PROFESSION EXPERIENCE】 Started production in 1986

【CONTINUOUS INNOVATION】Constantly thinking about what children need now? What does the market need?

【SAFETY TOYS】Every toy has passed the test of children's safety toys and obtained the European and American regulations. Play Tent and Balls are non-toxic. Non-irritating, 100% safe children's toys, free of BPA and phthalates

【HOME DECORATION】 Looks and beautiful patterns, dreams, toys can also become the perfect decoration at home。Beautiful visual enjoyment, embellished with home space, brings a warm atmosphere.

【LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE】The children's pop-up tent is very light, with storage bag, folding pop-up quick assembly, no tools required. Whether it’s easy to play indoors or outdoors

【LEARNING TOYS】Game tents, including plastic balls, throwing games to enhance physical development, physical coordination and interactive skills。Improve your child's imagination, role-playing games, and unconsciously learn the child's ability to express and narrative

【PARTY GIFT】 Beautiful color box packaging, suitable for children's birthday party. Holy Day party
Good choice for children's gifts

【COMBINATION】The person who bought this also bought marine plastic ball.
Each tent game house has 100 balls. The more balls, the more cheers you have. Extra purchase ball, 200 balls. 300 balls. 400 balls, 500 pieces。
The ocean ball is here (linking the plastic ball)

The Demand For Purchasing Toys In Each Country Is Different.
Imported Children's Toys Will Consider The Issue:

Toy TRENDS? Toys are HOT? Is Exporter CREDIT good? Is toy INNOVATION?
30 years of experience is the best guarantee for the above questions
Kids Play Tent over 100 models

Master the latest trends in toys and find the right toys for your market.
Please contact us.

Global Toy Safety Requirements Information:
Brazilian toy safety verification
Customs Union - Toy CU Certification
Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) - Toy G-MARK Certification (SASO Inspection. SASO Certificate)
Indonesia - Toy SNI Certification
Japan - Toy ST Certification
South Korea - Toy KC Certification
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